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Klassische Cellulite-Creme Einzigartige Intensiv-Kontroll-Creme

Klassische Cellulite-Creme Einzigartige Intensiv-Kontroll-Creme


Whether you call it "Orange Peel Syndrome" or your set of love dimples, your cellulite is going to make you feel a little rougher around the edges. Cellulite occurs by loss of blood circulation, swollen fat cells, and loss of elasticity in the skin.

This intensive control cream helps to alleviate these causes by nourishing skin with a gel emulsion. This gel emulsion comfortably increases skin's natural temperature and improves blood circulation to promote and even flow of excess fluids or fat cells caught underneath the skin.

While it smoothes things over underneath, it'll also help to nourish your skin with everything it needs to look and feel firmer and softer.

Enjoy perfectly smooth skin and vital shapes with our unique cellulite control formula, it works to quickly firm body in problem areas. Get the shape of your dream and restore your confidence!

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123,99 €
SKU A15e
Size 150ml / 5.1fl.oz
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